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Ovral G is an oral birth control medication tablet/course, which is followed for 28 or 21 days. You can choose either dosage format, depending on personal preference. The medicines are composed of synthetic hormones: norgestrel and ethinyloestradiol. These hormones prevent pregnancy, and allow you to stay off conceiving a child even after intercourse (if the medicines are taken correctly). The tablets do not cause abortion, or stop pregnancy, if the child is already conceived. The product also does not protect against STDs or infections. It is solely prepared as an oral contraceptive for women.

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How Does Ovral G Prohibit Pregnancy?

The medicine begins working by preventing ovulation due to which the ovaries cannot give out mature eggs. Lack of mature eggs does not let sperm to fertilize any. Fertilization is curtailed as Ovral G contraceptive pill thicken cervix consistency, forbidding sperm interacting with ovum.

Implantation is disrupted with breaking or thinning of the endometrium uterine lining, which is needed to hold the fertilized egg. Bleeding begins after the end of medicine course of 21 days, or after 21 days in 28 day medication cycle.

What are the Dosage Formats?

You can use either 21 or 28 day medicine course. In 21 day cycle, each Ovral G hormonal pill has to be consumed orally with water, once in a day, same time till 21 days. Later to this, the rest 7 days no medicines are taken. A new pack is then started from 29th day. Bleeding happens when the course ends.

In 28 day cycle, you need to follow the 21 day course as indicated above. The remaining 7 days, intake orally one placebo tablet everyday. Begin new dosage pack from the 29th day. Even in this course, bleeding occurs during the placebo medication duration.

Can You Get Pregnant if Dosage is missed?

Ovral G is a highly effective contraceptive, and when taken correctly has only a failure rate of around 1 percent in a year. However, if too many doses are missed the efficacy of medicine will reduce, and chances of unwanted pregnancy will rise. To prevent such an incident, you must use the tablets as recommended, and continually.

How Long to Take Ovral G Contraceptive Pill?

You must utilize birth control pills as long as the doctor recommends. A new pack of the medication is started, at the end of 28 day course. At the conclusion of 21 day course, another kit is begun from the 29th day. Understand all the side effects and intended results of the medicine to better plan your pregnancy.

What are the Side Effects?

The Ovral G side effects are spotting, abdominal pain, breakthrough bleeding, insomnia, breast pain/tenderness, nausea, oedema, mood swings, skin itching/rash, headache, etc. It is not necessary that you will face all the side effects. These consequences are normal and do not last for long.

What are Other Uses of Ovral G?

Besides working as regular (not emergency) birth control, the medicine is used in treating very heavy bleeding during menses. It also treats hormonal imbalances relating to menstrual cycle, and controls acne; pain linked to dysmenorrhoea, and regularizes menstrual bleeding in females.

What are the Drug Interactions?

The medicines that reduce effectiveness of Ovral G contraceptive pill are: penicillin, anticonvulsants such as carbamazepine/phenytoin, barbiturates, and preparations consisting of St John’s Wort, and anti-infective (rifabutin, griseofulvin, nevirapine, and rifampicin).

Who Should Avoid Taking Ovral G?

Here are certain conditions, when you should avoid using the oral birth control tablets:

  • An ear disorder (otosclerosis), which worsened in last pregnancies.
  • Suffering from diabetes, as using Ovral G contraceptive pill can affect glucose tolerance.
  • Have had stroke, heart attack, or a history of carcinoma for breasts and endometrial.
  • Have history of or currently diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, or allergic to birth control pills.
  • Diagnosed of lipid/thromboembolic disorders, high blood pressure, deep venous thrombosis, or migraine.

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